波爾多酒商 Dourthe 一直用心經營管理酒庄,產出多款價格實惠而質素有保證的佳釀。佢地嘅宗旨之一,是釀造適宜年輕飲用的葡萄酒,帶給大眾輕鬆愉悅的品酒體驗。Msquare Wine 精選了品牌幾款性價比很好的葡萄酒,介紹給我們的客人,包括了同Figeac只有一街之隔的 Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac、熱賣酒款 Belgrave、活力爆果的 Le Boscq、還有即開即飲的 La Garde。當中 Essence de Dourthe 是品牌最頂級的佳釀,年產量只有500箱,一開瓶有香濃果味、黑加倫子、野梅等,單寧順滑,香氣持久,絕對值得一試的酒界驚喜!

Founded in 1840, Dourthe is currently one of the greatest wine companies in Bordeaux. Its viticultural expertise, exacting quality standards, inherent understanding of wine and its dynamic approach are unanimously acknowledged and rewarded by the wine industry at large. Winemakers first and foremost, proud owner of a number of prestigious Bordeaux Chateaux and also creator of premium quality wines*, Dourthe observes an uncompromising quality policy across all its wines, and its approach is reviewed and fine-tuned on a yearly basis. This constant commitment to exceed our limits is evident at every stage of the winemaking process, so that every Dourthe Bordeaux wine is a benchmark, vintage after vintage.