【Msquare Wine 領先推出❗ 教皇新堡精品酒莊 Domaine de Pignan】

Domaine de Pignan⚔
年年攞RP 90分+ 的130年老藤不敗之迷

為大家介紹不得不試的一個教皇新堡小酒莊,Rayas 的Pignan鼎鼎大名,
但在城內原來仲有一個莊園叫 Domaine de Pignan,這個名不經傳的家族莊
藤齡達60年以上,最老的葡萄樹更達130年! Domaine de Pignan 多年來靜悄悄地多次獲得Robert
Parker好評90分以上。 想喝好教皇堡不一定要一下子跳到Rayas,
想搵D 又正又有驚喜的酒莊? Domaine de Pignan 的小小價格喝到性

Winery Insight

I met Frederic Charvin, wine maker of Domaine de Pignan, personally dated back to 2013 while I was a wine student in Avignon. A team of young and passionate postgraduates were asked to conduct a business project with a winery in the region. We were connected to Frederic by chance and he was very helpful to guide us through the whole process with lectures on viticulture, vinification, tasting and insights in wine business world. I was impressed not only with his philosophy in wine making, but also his persistence in perfecting the quality of his wines through generations.

This unforgettable memory has enforced my belief to bring, one day, Domaine de Pignan to my home country. Time flies and I met Frederic after 5 years in ProWein Germany 2018 – We were so happy to catch up each other and make our promise came true. That is why Pignan is in Hong Kong now!

Domaine de Pignan is a family winery since 1855 and owns one the top and most expensive parcels (Pignan) in the appellation. With an average vine age of 60 years old and 3 hectares for centenary, the family perpetuates this love of vineyard and wine by adding a modern touch. The optimal quality their wines is the absolute priority to meet the requirements of worldwide wine lovers.